The HighSatiety diet is a nutritionist designed long term eating plan has been specifically designed to diminish hunger and promote sustainable weight loss through a combination of high protein, high fibre and low energy dense meals.

This approach turns traditional calorie restrictive dieting on its head. Rather than limiting calorie intake and then being hindered by increased hunger, the HighSatiety diet does not restrict the number of calories that you can consume. Instead, the rationale is that the daily consumption of meals or snacks that are either high in protein, high in fibre or low in energy density will be sufficiently filling that calorie intake will be indirectly limited. Consuming a combination of high protein, high fibre and low energy density meals, not only optimises satiety but also provides nutritional diversity which promotes dietary adherence.

As well as the numerous HighSatiety diet meals that have been devised, creating your own hunger reducing meals is encouraged and full instructions are provided on how to do this. Also, as it is unrealistic to expect all the meals you eat to be prepared at home and "eating on the go" may be unavoidable at times, directions are given on how to identify purchased meals which satisfy the HighSatiety diet criteria. This ultimately means that no food is off-limits, provided it is combined with other foods to create a high protein, high fibre or low energy density meal.

HighSatiety Diet in Practice

When I was sent recipes for some of my favourite things like pizza, burgers, and even cakes, I didn't believe I could possibly lose weight. But I did. Everything seems so filling I just eat so much less now. - Marion (52)