The HighSatiety diet features over 85 breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snack and smoothie recipes which are either high in protein, high in fibre or low in energy density (although some meals may qualify in more than one category.)

It might be surprising that common favourites meals and snacks are also included, such as pizza, pies, fish and chips, curries, burgers, full English breakfast, puddings, muffins and crisps. These recipes have all been carefully created to satisfy the HighSatiety diet criteria and no high energy dense meals have been included, even if they are high in protein or fibre. There are also dedicated vegetarian and vegan recipes as well as recipe modification tips for vegetarians and vegans in some of the recipes.

All of our recipes have been produced without compromising flavour or palatability. Also, only natural food sources have been used so there are no artificial sweeteners or protein powders to reduce the number of calories or elevate the protein content. Furthermore, as the HighSatiety diet has been designed to be easy to implement, difficult to obtain or expensive ingredients have been deliberately excluded from recipes. Each recipe is also accompanied by nutritional analysis, which indicates levels of macronutrients, and in some cases vitamins and minerals, for suggested portion sizes.

Sample Seven Day Eating Plan